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Testor Enamel Colours

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Posted 07 April 2007 - 02:40 PM


Newb here in Toronto.  After a while I finally get some time to work on some figures but over time I had missed so much action and when I headed over to my local hobby stores today they told me it is tough to get Mr. Colour AND Tamiya enamel.  So I was advised to get the little bottles of enamel Testors.  I worked with them once before but for some reason, these paint never dries (even after a week).  How long does these guys dry anyways?  If anyone can offer some advice on working with Testors, please do kindly share.

Thanks very much!

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Posted 08 April 2007 - 12:21 PM

Well...I used to only paint my models (anime girls) w/ Testors Enamels, the kind in the little jars, like you said. If you are doing anime girl models, I'd say use acrylic paint. Period. I am not too sure about Gundam models or gunplas or any plastic injection kits, but I would say stay on the safe side and use Tamiya if you have to use enamels. (I know next to nothing about painting Gundams, so maybe you can find better advice for painting them in the Mecha Modeling section.)

Looking back on my choice, I think it was a big mistake as NOTHING seems to thin/clean these paints! If you want to strip a modelkit you started with testors enamels, the only way may be to use testors brand thinner (which stinks and doesn't come in any bigger sizes than a few ounces.) I used laquer thinner as my last result and ended up melting the kit pieces! :(

As for drying time, mine took only a day or maybe even less. I always thinned my paints though so maybe that sped up the drying time.

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Posted 08 April 2007 - 02:55 PM

what type of primer?
what type of model? resin/plastic

Testors can be a real bitch if i use anything differnt like cheap no name primer.  Weeks is a understatement on drying time.  I dont think it does.

On the other hand humidity.  Do you have any?  I dont think so, seeing how it is still a ice box where you are.

Was is washed well?  you could be having casting oils pushing out, but you would see that it can be the same look.  So many options to look at.  So tell us everything and we can kill your gremlins.

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Posted 08 April 2007 - 08:40 PM

Let's put up more facts and see the situation.

1.  Primer: Gunze Surfacer 1000 (I may have to "import" some and gamble with the CBSA [Canada Border Services Agency aka Customs].
2.  Type of model:  My last deal was with a Bandai PG Gundam.  Right now I am trying to paint a girl's eyes with the Testor.
3.  Humidty: One of the reasons why I like Canada, it is mostly dry unless in summer season where we get occasional humidex.  I came from HK so I know how bad humidity can get and how devastating it can be.

As I built my Gundam a long time ago, I cannot recall all the facts.  What I do is clean it with dish washing liquid with a used toothbrush.  I wouldnt say my cleaning work is perfect but I do ensure all the parts get rubbed a few times and rinsed thoroughly.  I suspect what happened was I didnt clean it a second time after sanding and I used fingers to touch those Testor afterwards with sweaty hands and it "de-dry" those damn paints.  As for Nozomi's comment about thinning, I do recall thinning it because I spray painted the Testor silver and I also left it dry for a whole week.

As for the current anime figure, I am still using Surfacer 1000, but this time I used Tamiya acrylic as the main colour.  I used to do the eyes with the Gunze lacquer / Tamiya enamel combo as it is easy to clean up any mess, but since it is no longer available (or at great expense), I decided to try out Testor enamel.  Just to be safe, I triple coated the figure with one of my last 50-70 millilitres of Gunze super clear (gloss).  I did a quick test and it appears I can wash Testor enamel on Gunze laquer.   But if the friggin paint does not dry, even if I do a perfect job on the eyes, when I seal the final coat with semi-gloss, it may just "de-dry" again.  I know I have the option of not final coat the kit, but I do not believe a shiny girl face that can reflect ours will look natural.

I am not going to touch any part of the face for a week and let the lacquer to cure before I do anything with the Testors.  So if I can get some tips of how to dry those things (or perhaps if I can even remove it after it "dries") that would be great.

I am a big fan of Gunze lacquer because it is just so easy to work with, but since Canuck country is putting on all these fantastic restrictions on these paints, I'd have to improvise.  

Thanks a bunch guys.

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