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Mechanicore 1/100 RX-105 Xi Gundam

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#46 Amaterasu



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Posted 21 January 2015 - 11:01 PM

Nah, I pass on the Exclusive.  I get far less kit for more money.  I am hoping on DanBan or someone to bootleg the shit out of it.  First Red Frame and then TGIII being P-Bandai.  One slap after another : I've had it with Bandai's practices.

When I can justify another kit on my _pile_ I'll get one of those Xi buggers.  Beaut-tee-ful.

Looking for:

MG GP 01 : Face / Head

#47 Donatello



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Posted 16 March 2015 - 01:25 PM

Looks like you guys have another chance at getting one ;p

Posted Image

#48 autobot75


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Posted 14 May 2015 - 12:10 PM

Anyone know where I can find written reviews for the mechanicore Xi?  Or has anyone who bought and built this give a written review?  Thanks.  I've watched gunpla gamers YT review but I was not able to find much on the web.

#49 MuGGzy



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Posted 22 May 2015 - 07:59 AM

View Postautobot75, on 14 May 2015 - 12:10 PM, said:

Anyone know where I can find written reviews for the mechanicore Xi?  Or has anyone who bought and built this give a written review?  Thanks.  I've watched gunpla gamers YT review but I was not able to find much on the web.

Here is a very brief review I posted in another forum..

I am done with mine and glad of it. Posted Image

It is an awesome kit with tons of parts and lots of killer little details.

Pros: Amazing detail, no need to buy metal details and Photo Etch, this thing comes with all of that!
Really big, much larger than Bandai 1/100 MG kits
Cool internal frame with functional hydro cylinders etc
Lots of LEDS and self contained thruster LED (no wiring)
Lots of decals
Good color separation, can be build OOB with little or no paint.
Comes with the fully articulated hands like Bandai PG kits

DVD Video Instructions (the 3D animations are kind of cool, but who wants to sit and replay a video 20 times to figure out how the one piece actually fits in?)
The Pre Painted Camo ended up being a curse, very hard/impossible to color match the blue of plastic or camo so any accidents with blue parts are there forever, I would have preferred being able to paint the blue parts and put decals on later, looking back. Plus camo paint is very thin and prone to scratches and scuffs that are hard to repair due to aforementioned color matching issues.
Some parts have tolerance issues, need to test fit just about everything and you WILL need glue (plastic model glue, NOT CA "Super" glue) to keep it together.
Very little, almost ZERO articulation when complete due to bulk of armor
frame needs some work, some joints are so tight they won't move at all, others are so loose (shoulders) that they won't stay up in place and everything starts to sag.
Hands won't hold gun without glue.
All the "Pre Sale Bonus" perks are crap, the pre painted camo that was supposed to be Ltd Ed, got released as decals a month later, the beam sabers are cool, but again, the hands can't hold them so they become big metal detail parts.
Screws for major joints, make sure you have some spare 1.5mm allen keys and pre assemble all the bolts and nuts so the threads get cleaned of the black anodizing, you will strip out screws and round the allen keys so expect it, I took a dremel and ground off .5mm at a time as the tips got rounded off, be ready to cut and/or grind off the tips of some of the screws as they stick out and prevent some armor and stuff from being assembled if not.The Nuts are also a pain, I had to wedge a broken XActo blae tip into the holes with the nuts in most places to keep them from spinning while I tightened the bolt.
LED system is a PITA, instructions are VERY lacking on how to assemble the LED parts and it's VERY easy to mess it up, I think maybe 8/10 of my thruster LEDS work and I had to give up on the head because the wiring and all the fiddly switch parts kept coming apart.

In Short: Amazing finished kit if you have the patience, time, and skill to get it together and make it presentable. It's basically a G System Xi Gundam, in 1/100 scale plastic. If you don't care about the LEDs, save yourself the headache and spend the time painting the internals of the thrusters black or something and don't risk globbing the head with glue and just leave the LED stuff out of it.
Don't invest in the "Limited Edition" versions on Ebay etc, save your $$ and get the basic standard release and the camo decals if you want them.
I'm glad I got it, but I am just as glad to be DONE with it, looking back I should have waited for the "Standard Ed" on Ebay and gotten it for almost $100 less. Due to my experience with this kit I decided NOT to get their "Penelope" Gundam model that is about to be released, which is basically the same model with even more parts.

Here is mine at about 98% complete during the decal process.

Posted Image

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